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The Food Lab: We Should All Eat More Crepes, Matching The Crepe Holder,Starting Now
- Oct 24, 2017 -

Crepes are simple. They're diner food. They're what you make on a Sunday morning with the kids. Crepes are fancy. They're French-bistro food. They're what you make once a week after your Parisian vacation because you want to relive some pleasant memories.

This dichotomy has always struck me as really, really odd, because the fact is that crepes are way easier to make than pancakes. It must be in the name, so let's just call them "crepes" instead of "skinny pancakes" for simplicity's sake.

Crepes use fewer ingredients (and zero specialty ingredients, like buttermilk).* They require fewer bowls and tools to dirty and wash, and they're much faster to make. It's easier to adapt them to either sweet or savory fillings, and, best of all, you can make them ahead, even by a few days, without losing quality.Once done,matching a crepe holder,it looks very nice and eco friendly,moreover,it's disposable.

* I'm not going to get into buckwheat crepes here, which are delicious for savory dishes but are also another kettle of fish.

The only intimidating part of making crepes is spreading the batter thin enough in the pan, and, granted, that's something that takes a bit of practice. The good news is that even if your early crepes have funny lumps and bulges or aren't paper-thin, they're still gonna be plenty edible and delicious.